Saturday, July 3, 2010

a fourth of july menu to truly delight about

as a vegetarian, i have been dreading the fourth of july for several days. every summer barbecue i have been invited to seems to be lacking in the vegetarian options. so when i found out that i would be spending the fourth of july with my family of non-vegetarians, i began to worry.
however, my worries quickly went away today when i saw that the daily green has posted a wonderful menu that can cater to both herbivores and carnivores alike.
if you're like me and looking for a menu to cook your friends or family members a meal that doesn't involve meat, take a look at this menu. the bulgur bean burgers (pictured) are a delicious alternative to the normal beef burgers, and the wonderful flavor will keep your friends coming back for more.
another great alternatives to a regular burger is to have a teriyaki inspired burger. the black beans go great with a teriyaki sauce on the bun, and a slice of pineapple adds the perfect touch of sweetness. together, the spicy black bean and the pineapple create a burger that's both sweet and savory, and sure to please a crowd.
their honey glazed grilled plums are also a wonderful recipe that i tried in the early days of my vegetarianism. it's a healthy alternative to the traditional pie and is a great way to mix things up at your upcoming barbecue.

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