Friday, June 18, 2010

the skinny vegetarian [an introduction]

[who i am]
my name is kelsie. i am a 20 year old student at the university of florida.
about three months, i decided to become a vegetarian. after consulting my dietician, i conceded into being a "flexitarian". this means that while i stick mainly to a vegetarian diet, i will eat meat once or twice a week, since a lack of sufficient protein in my diet will hurt me severely. since i am not being a vegetarian for animal-cruelty reasons, but only health reasons, it was only logical that i heed my dietician's advice and eat meat a couple times a week.

[what this blog is]

like many people my age, i live on the internet. i love to spend hours looking at my favorite blogs that talk about my interests. however, i was disappointed to see how very few vegetarian blogs are out there. knowing that i am probably not the only one of there looking for a vegetarian blog, i was inspired to create my own.
so what is my vision for this blog?

i want to provide other vegetarians, or others who are thinking about pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle, a place where they can come to find great recipes and great foods.

many health food blogs aren't really blogging about health foods; they talk about ice cream that's "low calorie". while it is a wonderful product for those who love their ice cream, but want to shed a few pounds, i was wanting something that focused more on the organic and wholesome side of food.

i was also disappointed to find that there are relatively few websites that provide delicious vegetarian dishes besides salads. and even fewer that show you want wonderful, low-calorie dishes you can find at restaurants.

and so, i hope to bring all three of these components to my blog. each update i post will feature a new vegetarian recipe, a great vegetarian meal that can be found at restaurants, and reviews on some healthy products that can be found at a grocery store.

happy eating,

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